April 1931

Broughty Carnival

FairBroughty merchants are planning for a grand carnival for the Glasgow and Dundee holiday weeks.  The programme of entertainments and events looks good, but there is a lack of competitive events, and Broughty should consider what might be done on land and water.

Rubbish Dump

It is not a far cry from Dundee to the open sea, and the Town Council should make enquiries concerning the cost of conveying street refuse to be dumped beyond the bar of the Tay.  Modern methods of loading and unloading barges have cut down the cost of handling and it might be economical to send all our debris right out to sea.

Dundee Golden Wedding - Family Gathering

Mr and Mrs George Shand, 43 Lyon Street, Dundee, attained their golden wedding on Monday.
The occasion was marked by a family gathering in Islay Street Hall, when the couple were presented with a wallet of Treasury notes by members of the family and friends.

Orange Incident

Robert Haxton(39), labourer, 80 Constable Street, was walking along the close at that address when he slipped on a piece of orange rind.  He fell, injuring his right ankle.  He was taken to the Royal Infirmary, where it was found that he had sustained a broken ankle and two broken toes.

Boxing Champion

Alistair McInroy, Dundee, beat Jim McQuade, Barrhead, in Glasgow on Thursday night in the final of the elementary bouts for the Scottish Welter-Weight Championship.  The fight was over 12 rounds, and the Dundee lad scored a clever win.

Spring Holiday Transport

Special morning service
For the convenience of holiday-makers who intend to travel by early trains on the spring holiday on Monday, Dundee Transport Department are to run a special morning service. Early trippers should keep the following timetable of the special service for reference:-

Ninewells 6.20;  Glamis Road 6,40;  Balgay Lodge 6.44;  Lochee 6.00;  Downfield 6.28;  Fairmuir 6.31;  Maryfield 6.20;  Baxter Park 6.40;  Monifieth 5.55;  Seagate 6.30.

Johnston Avenue 6.45;  Hilltown clock 6.40;  Stobswell 6.45;  Greendykes Road 6.43.

Boy (14-15) Wanted

To learn trade and business, good future propsects to lad not afraid of work, only honest, respectable boys need apply.

New Buildings

Plans of proposed new buildings in Dundee, lodged with the City Engineer include:
Ancrum Drive - bungalow for Jane Reid.
Collingwood Crescent - bungalow for Mrs Margaret Rigby and Eliza Alexander.
Johnston Avenue - bungalow for William Black.

Success of City Exhibition - Record Business

When the turnstile at Dundee's own exhibition had clicked for the last time on Saturday night between 40,000 and 50,000 people had entered Caird Hall during the week in which the exhibition was held.

"A great success when you consider the condition of trade throughout the country", was the general verdict of the directors.

"The public have shown very much more interest in the exhibits than on any previous occasion, and some shareholders report record business".

"Noah's Ark" was reported to have been a phenomenal success.

Dundee Bound Ship Lost

Crew's race against time
News reached Dundee on Saturday that the steamer Arniston was badly holed after striking an iceberg in the Baltic, and sank in a few minutes.

The crew of twnty-four were saved by an ice-breaker after a thrilling race against time.

The Arniston had been ice-bound at Riga for over a month, and was being escorted through the Baltic by ice-breakers when the mishap occurred.

She was bound for Dundee, and was due on Sunday.  She carried a big cargo of flax, 400 tons being for Dundee and part of the shipment also being for Leith.