April 1914

Dundee’s Grand “Easter Egg”

One Hundred Thousands Pounds
From Sir J.K. Caird for the New City Hall

This is an Easter that Dundonians will remember, for a generous fellow-citizen has presented them with a fortune. As their “Easter Egg” Sir James K. Caird, Bart., IL.D., has gifted £100,000 to the citizens of Dundee for the purpose of erecting a new city hall. The site chosen is that behind the present Town House, extending from High Street, on to the north to Shore Terrace on the south, and involves the demolition of the clumps of old properties which occupy the area.

The work of building the new structure, it is stipulated, shall be complete in three years.

Whalers Prepare for Fishing

The Dundee whaler Active was yesterday taken from her moorings in King William Dock to Victoria Dock, whence she will enter the graving dock to under go slight repairs prior to her departure to the Arctic seas. Workmen are busily engaged on the Active’s sister ship, the Morning, which is now almost ready.

Bacon Olives

Take four rashers of bacon, two tablespoons breadcrumbs, half a teaspoon parsley, salt, pepper, pinch herbs, a little lemon rind, half an oz of butter, egg sufficient to bind. Mix all the ingredients together, spread a little of the stuffing on each rasher, roll it up and tie with cotton. Fry slowly until done through, serve very hot. Mrs L. Finch, Coventry.

A Wonder in Bygone Days

On the 14th April 1814 the first steam boat on the River Tay made a trial trip. The engines were designed and made by the Brothers Carmichael, and the success of the first steam boat on the Tay helped in the development of the great steam shipping industry. In 1821 the Carmichael’s equipped the first twin steamboat for the Newport ferry passage, and two years later a second twin boat was placed on the passage. The Tay and the twin steamboats attracted widespread attention, and in the newspapers and magazines of the period there appeared realistic accounts of the wonderful steam vessels plying on the River Tay.

General Furnishing Co.,

143-147, Victoria Road
If you are thinking of furnishing a home or of buying any particular piece of furniture, and have not the ready money to pay for it, then just give us a call. We have the facilities to assist you. Our Easy Payment System has for a long-time helped many situated as you are. The goods are delivered free to your address after the first monthly payment is made.
We want to help you.
Give us the chance to prove it.
General Furnishing Co.,
143, 145 & 147 Victoria Road
Phone 449.

“People’s Journal” Correspondence College

On May 21st will be held an examination for a number of vacancies as female sorters and card tellers under the Insurance Commission of England, Scotland and Ireland. This is a most attractive position for the girl between 15 and 18 who has received a good elementary education. A salary of 14s per week is paid to beginners, with the opportunity of rising to 30s.

Queries and applications should be addressed to the
Principal, People’s Correspondence College,
7, Bank Street, Dundee.

Dundee Harbour Doings

Business has been very quiet at the docks during the week. The jute season is practically over, so that the absence of the large liners makes a considerable difference on the traffic. The jute sheds are being rapidly emptied, and although this is keeping up the traffic on the land side of the sheds, the wharves are exceedingly quiet.

Rub Backache and Lumbago Away

Rub the pain right out with
Small Bottle of Old
“St Jacob’s Oil”.
It never disappoints.

“Star Turn” at the King’s

Lew Lake, who has achieved fame as a Cockney comedian, will be responsible for the “star” turn at the King’s Theatre next week. It will consist of a farcical absurdity, “The Bloomsbury Burglars” and its sequel, a comedy drama entitled “My Pal Jerry”.

This will be Lew Lake’s first appearance in Dundee, but the high reputation he has gained in the principal theatres of the country guarantee the excellence of his performance, and ensure for him a hearty welcome. He has the support of a company of talented artistes, and although he undertakes the major portion of the work, the contributions of his colleagues aid considerably in the production of a first class entertainer.

Mr Churchill and the Fight

In Dundee intense interest is being manifested in the prospective contest in East Fife. The city is next door to the constituency and many Dundee people are voters in East Fife. In the event of a contest it is understood that Mr Churchill will likely come north and address at least one meeting in Dundee, probably in the Kinnaird Hall, and on his way south, he may go to Leven, or some other place in East Fife and speak there.