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Evacuated 1939

Here are some memories of my days during the war when three of my brothers and myself were evacuated in 1939.

It was an exciting time for us and many other children. Our mother made it clear that we should be kept together, the children were all happy and excited, we weren't aware how heart broken our Mother was to see us go. Read more......

Submitted by Betty M

Employment Places

I worked in Dundee from about 1949 to 1952. Firstly at Bonar Long on the Kingsway, then as a dispatch clerk with Thomson Shepherd & Co., Shepherd's Lane. My next job was with Robert Kellie & Son, Dock Street. All these places of employment have now gone.

Submitted by Bervonian

Tram Driver's Memories

I was employed with D.C.T Department as a tram driver and drove on the Downfield to Blackness, the Maryfield to Ninewells, Lochee to the Auld Steeple routes and the football trams to the Dens Park games. I enjoyed working on all these routes. Read more......

Submitted by Anonymous

Qualifying Class SS Peter & Paul's

Although I was born in Dundee in 1933 the family moved to Greenock in 1935 where my father, who was an engineer to trade, was employed to help build the engines for the ship that was to be named Queen Elizabeth. Read more......

Submitted by Anna

First Intake at Menzieshill High School

I lived in Charleston for 18 years, going to firstly Charleston Primary School and then the very first intake of Menzieshill High School. I worked for the City Council as a gardener and also worked at a jute mill near the Hilltown. Many good memories of my time in Dundee. Read more......

Submitted by Andrew (Drew) Young

Old Dundee Haunts

My husband, Luke and I knew someone called Ian Robertson in fact my husband was best man at his wedding. Luke also worked at Bonar Long and Smedleys and Kelly's all of which are now closed then we moved to Canada. We have seen many changes in Dundee when we visited some good and some not so good. I worked for British Rail back then and remember the west and east stations also no longer there. Luke went to St Patrick's and Lawside and I went to Glebelands and Morgan. We lived in Robertson Street and most of which was gone the last time we were home but it was good to see some of our old haunts were still there. Read more......

Submitted by Alice and Luke Gardiner

Parcel Boy on the Buses

I was a parcel boy on the buses, my district was Downfield. I would catch the tram in the High Street and get off at the Kingsway. We kept a message bike at Duffes Garage. Some of the drivers would let me drive the tram. One day I was caught by Simpson the policeman at the Clepington Road stop. He had just come out of the police box beside Iannetta's ice cream shop. The driver was up the stairs. I think his name was Coul. He played football for Lochee Harp. Read more......

Submitted by Alan (Ginger) White

Fond Memories

I was born in Glentrium Terrace in 1949, but although I don't remember it, mum and dad couldn't afford the house, so we moved in with grandma and grandad. They had a huge house in Commercial Street and I remember grandma used to take in policemen as lodgers! Dad had the fruit shop at the top of the Hilltown. I wonder if anyone remembers it? Read more......

Submitted by Dundeelass
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