School Days

School Holidays

Spent a lot of my school holidays at my grans in Catherine Street, Dundee and with my auntie and uncle in Monifieth. Always remember 'Land O Cakes' scones and getting eggs and four from there. Also the chippie and mealie puds. Mum was a Dundonian and dad served in the fire service for a while. Good times!

Submitted by Alistair Durham

The Queen's Visit

I remember when the Queen came to town about 1957 or 58. There was a bus provided by the school, we were transported to the Kingsway to see her but when everybody had to get their bus back I got lost and another bus had to take me to the Eastern School in Broughty Ferry.

Submitted by Morag Walker

St Michael's School

With the bulldozers busy knocking down the 'Mikey's' I thought it might be interesting to share the old school hymn.

Dear St Michael hear our prayer
Thou whose name our school doth bear
Be our help in times of need
Keep us pure in thought and deed
Warrior whose flaming sword
Gave protection to the Lord
Strengthen us that we may be
Fearless in our faith like thee.
Submitted by Dundee Cake

Step Row Memories

West End West EndI am a Step Row boy born 1947, can't find anyone from Step Row or from the streets. We had a gang called the 'Black Hand Gang' and had to pay to be a member. We had moms cellar for our gang, we lived at 21, at the top, great view of the Tay Bridge. I found an old groat in the ground floor and still have it. Also we found a grenade at Cosgrove's yard. My grans paper shop was the last shop on the Hawkhill across from Dempsters the bakers. I suppose we could all write a book. Hawkhill School at the teacher Miss Pringle say no more.

Submitted by Jack Knight

Ashludie Research Project

Conditions in Dundee at the time when Lorna contracted Tuberculosis

Background to the interview with “Lorna” who was 100 years of age in May 2011. Visit Lorna's Memoirs page to find out more.

 Read more......

Submitted by Mari Phillips

Memories of Dundee - Part Four

I suppose one of the big things in my life was the Empire Exhibition. This was held in Glasgow in 1938, at Bellahouston Park. There was a special railway excursion to be running on the autumn holiday Monday of that year, them known as the October fast. We (my sister May and I) were taken along with Mum, Granny Gillan and Doris (my Mum's unmarried sister). It was so exciting-Glasgow! That was a long, long way away in those days and I had never been on such a long journey before. This was really something special for a seven year old like me. I remember being amazed at the fountains in the grounds and staring goggle-eyed at the sight of a red-coated Mountie just outside the Canadian pavilion, actually riding a horse. This was even better then Nelson Eddie playing the part of a Mountie and singing to Jean McDonald in the film 'Rose Marie'. That had been my only experience of these romantic figures until them - and that was in black and white! Read more......

Submitted by Walter Blacklaw

Memories of Dundee - Part Two

In my first year at Primary School (Dens Road), one morning for some reason our class got out early. I couldn't go home because my sister May took me home. Accordingly, I was sent up to May's class, Miss Bruce of the senior grade. She set me down beside May and gave me a paper to draw on. However I was a distraction for her school friends, particularly Gladys Thomson her closest friend and she began helping me to draw. The big thing at the time was the Queen Mary, the second largest liner in the world, only a couple of feet shorter than the Normandy, the French equivalent. The Queen Mary had three deck and three funnels. Read more......

Submitted by Walter Blacklaw

Lost in Douglas

I remember moving from Charles Street in the town to Balunie Avenue in Douglas at the age of five. My first day at Balerno Primary I about turned and ran out of the school. I was lost and running around Douglas as I didn't know how to get home. I always remember Miss McKinlay and her numerous big rings on her fingers. If you said something she didn't like she would clout you round the back of the head and I still remember trying to avoid eye contact with her. She would also lock the classroom door when she left the room. Ahhh, those were the days!

Submitted by Wendy Flint

Violet Was Born in Dundee

I was born in 1932 in Dundee Royal Infirmary. My first school was Ancrum Road School but I cannot remember much about it. As my parents were both English we had to live in lodgings until the start of the Second World War. We eventually got an upstairs three roomed house at Pitkerro Drive. There were four houses in the block. I learned to cycle through the leggy as we called [it] on my father's bike. Read more......

Submitted by Violet

Penny Transfer

Does anybody remember the 'penny transfer'? I was at Harris Academy (Primary) at Blackness Avenue from 1954 - I used to catch the tram into town and then get the No. 17 bus to Ancrum Road / Sutherland Street - for that it cost the princely sum of 1d in old money.

Submitted by S.W. Phillips
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