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The Harbour Wall

Waves crash the harbour wall
Clouds above loom dark and full
Thunder rumbles in the distance
As rain begins to fall
Creaking in the wind
Boats and yachts sway in the swell
As lightning strikes the discovery bell

Submitted by David Barrie

Dundee City of Discovery

A beautiful setting by the sea
What a surprise to me
Dundee City of Discovery
With the river called the Tay
Yes it takes your breath away
As I view from the Law
Scenery to beat them all

David Barrie, 1995

Submitted by David Barrie

Dundee Poem

Such a transformation it's really a sight to see
Down by the river in my home town of Dundee
Gone are the architectural nightmares of days gone by
Soon we will have our very own V & A
A new kid on the block down at Victoria Dock

Submitted by David Barrie

Dens Road Market (1980’s)

An Aladdin’s cave it seemed tae be
In the early 80’s – for you an’ me!

Bargain-huntin’ hopin’ tae find
Perhaps an unusual “Vassart” (signed)

Or Clarice Cliff – Moorcroft – Weymss Ware
Among the junk depositied there

For many stall-holders a family affair
Workin’ the’ gather selling their ware

Some selt second-hand claes
That’d mair’n often seem better days!
An’ if the ‘student-look’ was in the mind
It was nae ower hard tae find
Odd apparel has an academic ring
An’ youth (ye ken) must hae it’s fling Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Dreaming Over Rainbows

Exquisite jewel displayed in antique fair
Opulently sparkling there
From jaded presentation case
Swathed in old Victorian lace

Oh! The drama you inspire
Pearls fluster as rubies desire
To tease transparent peridot
Clasping a lover’s knot

Were skies always sapphire blue
Did silver bells all ring true
Did emerald or turquoise sea
Bring a beloved back to thee

Were you the fairest ever seen
Did you grace a regal queen
Or perhaps a maiden fair
With shining crown of platinum hair Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

My Song For You

The sweetest of love songs
I'll bring to you
Greeting each morning
As sunlight peeps through

Singing ever so softly
Lyrics so true
A sweet little love song
Meant only for you

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Lip Service

Friends in conversational mood
Turn their faces to me
That I may read upon their lips
Words I'm able to see

Their slightest – most delicate touch
Draws attention near
In noisy environments
Where works can become unclear

It’s unwelcoming
The freeze of feeling ‘left-out’
Trying to guess the subject matter
Or having it totally in doubt

Minimal my hearing impairment
But I profoundly realise
Communicating across the barriers
Takes more than meets the eyes.

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

“Highland” at the Arbroath Highland Show - July 1987

Victoria Park – The Angus Show
Marvellous weather – off we go!
Horses – sheep – cattle calls
Competitions – colourful stalls

“Guess the weight of the bull today!”
But he wasn’t in sight – he’d run away!

£10 prize for the lucky winner
But by the time he was caught
Was he several kilos thinner?

Early in the morning he’d broken loose
No one ready with a noose

Red Alert was the call today
Constable Shepherd made his way
Crook in hand – eager to go
Chasing the bull around the show Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Local History Wellgate Central Library

The Local History Library
Contains information of renown
About the city and surrounding areas
And the ‘Town and Gown’

Rare books from antiquity
In vaults for safe-keeping
Aired – on request
Aroused from sleeping

Microfiche – old news-print
Beautifully leather bound
Discover your heritage
But please don’t make a sound!

The Local History Library
Turns the key
Offering wealth of knowledge
For all to see

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan
A 60th birthday tribute 1997
(BSE Scare year)

Hi! There Desperate Dan
D.C.Thomson’s ‘Dandy’ man
Tough as nails – stubble on chin
From Cactusville your were ‘drawn-in’
In 1937 – to comic page
Immediately to centre-stage

With enormous strength and appetite
Gigantic cow-pies were your delight
But menus change – less beef jerky
More fish and veg and legs of  turkey

Your boots have raised a lot of dust
Spurs gathering reader-trust
Returning every week
To ‘sit-com’ and havoc wreak Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald
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