World War 1

August 1916

Gallant Black Watch

Our column to day bear testimony – in the number of casualties recorded – to the fact that the battalions of the Black Watch have again been heavily engaged in the fighting in France. As ever, they bore themselves right gallantly. A member of one of the battalions gives the following graphic narrative of one of their engagements:- Read more......

June 1915

Departure of 3/4 Black Watch

The third line of the 4th Black Watch (Dundee Territorials) left Dundee on Wednesday to join the second line of the regiment, who are under camp training at Oudenard, Bridge of Earn. The battalion, which was under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Harry K. Smith, took their departure for the city in the early morning, and notwithstanding the hour received a hearty send off, a large crowd of spectators gathering in the vicinity or the station. The men presented a very smart appearance, and seemed to be anticipating the chance with keen pleasure. They left from Tay Bridge in two special trains. Read more......

March 1915

Flag Days

Citizens Contribute a Sum of £2648
There have already been three flag days in Dundee, but none of such widespread appeal as that of Saturday. For no matter how keen the sympathy, and its greatest critic could not label Dundee unsympathetic, it is only human nature to feel most for the sufferings and heartbreaks at one’s own door. And certainly Dundee has its share at present. Read more......

May 1916

Escaped from Germany

After having been a prisoner of war in Germany for 19th months, Sergeant John Crockett, a Dundee member of the Wiltshire Regiment, has arrived at his home.

The fortunate soldier now enjoys his liberty as the result of a daring and successful escape from his internment. Read more......

November 1916

A Strange Error

Officer Reported Killed Turns up in Hospital
Mr James S. Weir, the popular Firemaster of Dundee Fire Brigade, has had a remarkable experience. His elder son, Lieutenant James Weir, of the Black Watch was officially reported killed last Friday, but three days later news was received that his is alive, at present in hospital in France. This was the joyful message received by Mr Weir last night. Read more......

September 1915

Military Cooks

Men to be trained in Dundee
Arrangements have now been completed for the training of a new party of soldiers as military cooks at Dundee. At Tuesday’s meeting of Dundee School Board a minute of the Continuation Classes Committee was submitted, of which it was stated that a communication had been groups of 20 each – two in Stobswell School and one in Morgan Academy. The proposals have been transmitted to the military authorities. Approval was given to the recommendations by the board. Read more......

April 1917

Bomb Explosion

Alarming Occurrence in Dundee
A bomb which had been sent home from the front was on Tuesday responsible for an alarming occurrence in Dundee, the remarkable feature of which was the absence of more serious consequences. Read more......

December 1914

Citizen Soldiers

Lieutenant Hugh Roche McCabe
5th Battalion Black Watch (Territorials)

Lieutenant McCabe, of the 5th Battalion Black Watch, now with his regiment in the fighting line in Flanders, is a son of Bailie McCabe, one of Dundee’s most zealous municipal workers. The Lieutenant is one of the most youthful officers of his corps, but though only in his 20th year, he is an efficient and trustworthy officer. Read more......

September 1914

Sad News from the Front

Dundee Men Among the Wounded
The misery which exists in many families in Dundee owing to the breadwinner being called to the front is being made still more pronounced in some quarters by receipt of news from the War Office of a husband or son being among those who have not escaped scathless from the fighting. Read more......

July 1914

Many Recruits Coming Forward

The patriotic spirit is abroad and is spreading among all classes of the community. The appeal which has been made for recruits for the service has been very largely responded to, and many men have come forward during the last day or two prepared to defend King and Country. Read more......

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