It's Spring Cleaning Time

It's Spring Cleaning Time

Hints and Tips Which Readers Have Found Invaluable.....

Mildew Stains

Mildew can be removed from materials by laying on a paste made of soft soap and powdered chalk. Leave the article in the sun to dry if possible.

Old Pillow Cases

Keep all thinly worn cases, they come in very handy at spring-cleaning time. Tied over the head of the mop or brush for brushing down the walls and removing cobwebs.

In Hot Water

When re-enamelling the fireplace or bathwork, with you tin of enamel in hot water. This is most satisfactory than thinning with turpentine. The enamel is easier to apply and there is the absence of streaks. When dry you obtain more of a porcelain finish. Mrs Hampton, Aberdeen.

White Marks on Polished Tables

Sent in by Mrs Edwards, Hemel Hampstead, Herts. Vinegar and olive oil in equal quantities well mixed and rubbed on to a mahogany table will remover the whit marks caused by hot dishes.