September 1962

The ‘Dee are Here!

The Dundee victory song rang in millions of homes on Wednesday over the Eurovision TV link. Many had never even heard of the team. And they marvelled as Dundee smashed their way to an incredible 8-1 win over West German champs, Cologne.An hour before kick-off a brilliant double rainbow lit up the thundery sky. From the city centre one end seemed to land at Dens Park. It was a lucky omen. For the pot of gold was certainly there.

“The Champs” intend to live up to their title. More of this sort of spirit will have the Dens coffers overflowing and make Dundee a real force to be reckoned with in the following rounds. Yes, it’s up with the bonnets!

You Did Us Proud, Dundee!

(Bob Miller’s Page)

Dundee are back!
That was made abundantly clear against Cologne on Wednesday night.

Here we had the old, hard-hitting Dark Blues on the form that downed Rangers last season and brought them the league championship. We had eleven men dedicated to their job. They went out resolute in purpose and they did their job in first-class fashion.

I was with most of the players before the game. They were quietly confident. Not one had paid the slightest attention to the gush poured out of the German camp. If there was worrying to be done they left it to the Rhinelander’s. And long before the finish it was the Germans who were doing all the worrying.

They were outclassed in every department. More often than not they had to stand and watch the slick Dark Blues move the ball fast and with deadly accuracy to each other. It didn’t take long for Alan Cousin and his forwards to find the weaknesses in Cologne’s defence. Their covering was bad.

They didn’t have a clue on how to mark their men, and they were completely lost on the high cross ball. Gordon Smith, Hugh Robertson and Alec Hamilton, yes Hammy, were quick to spot the weakness and exploited it to the full. Several balls placed high to the far post found the Germans completely lost and several goals were chalked up by Andy Penman and Alan Gilzean, who were on the spot to head home.

Dundee may have been a bit lucky in getting three rather soft goals in the first 12 minutes, but their continual pressure had to bring results.

I don’t think any club, home or continental could have stood up to the wonder stuff served up by Dundee. Class was stamped on everything they did. They were a team from goal out. The understanding was amazing. The ball was moved with deadly precision and always towards the Cologne goal.

And did you see how Alec Hamilton spelled Gordon Smith. The wee back took over on the wing and Gordon fell back. He moved at speed, controlled the ball wall and crossed with deadly accuracy. A dandy back, Alec looks a dandy winger.

But hand it to every man. All played at top form. The early season lethargy and lack of urgency were completely gone. And they left Cologne smelling not so sweet.

The Germans returned home with a new respect for Scottish football, and wondering just what had hit them.

This was Dundee’s first appearance in the European Cup. They did us proud. Rangers, with all their experience, could not have done better.

I know Dundee go to Cologne on September 26 for the return game. They’ll get it rough and tough, but I fancy they’ll hold their own.

It can be taken as written that they’re in round two and the fans will be looking for another first-class attraction at Dens Park. I’ll bet, too, that more that 25,000 will turn out to see the game. Well done, Dundee.

Continental Ballroom

Invite you to hold your private dance,
wedding reception or party in their modern suite.
Booking now for 1962/63 Season.
Dinner Dances a Speciality.
Details gladly given without obligation.

21, Cowgate Dundee.
Telephone 23842 or 26051 or call Ballroom 10-12 or 2-4.

Timely Promise

Lochee folk have got their public timepiece back again with the appearance of a clock on the outside of the new Woolworth’s building in the High Street.

The Lochee East Church clock has been sadly missed by the locals since the building was demolished last year. The clock was bequeathed to the folk of Lochee, and Woolworth’s agreed that when their new building arose they would have a replacement. They’ve kept their promise and the clock was positioned before the site work was complete. The new store is to open on September 13.

Now in Full Swing

Dundee’s Ideal Homes and Trades Exhibition
The talk of the Districts
As well as the town.
Note these special free attractions:
“Autumn Elegance” – Preview of autumn fashions.
3.15, 7.0, 8.30 daily.

Presented by Leslie Mander-Wright, London.
Supported by Lynn Dobbs and Francis Regan.
See the fully furnished model bungalow.
Give yourself a treat at
Caird Halls
Daily from 2-10 p.m.
Admission 2/-. Children 6d.

New Battery

Get the new
Lucas S7 Battery
From you local garage
Brayshay & Paterson Ltd.
3, Trades Lane, Dundee.
Phone 22393.

Dundee Repertory Theatre

Nicoll Street, Dundee
Monday, September 24
For two weeks
‘Billy Liar’
A comedy by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall.
Nightly at 7.30 p.m.
One matinee 4.30 p.m. Saturday, October 6.
Box Office Phone Dundee 23530.

Palace Theatre

Nethergate, Dundee
6.25 – Twice Nightly – 8.30
News Flash!
‘Johnny’s Back’
Starring Johnny Victory,
With Resident Summer Show Cast including
Roland Roy and Jackie Toaduff
plus City of Dundee Pipe Band.
Box Office opens 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

Bright Tips 1962

Burned Pans – Sprinkle a badly burned pan liberally with denture powder, add a little warm water and leave overnight. The burn then runs off easily with the pan scourer. Mrs E. Borland, Glasgow.

Stewing Fruit – Less sugar is needed for stewing fruit if a pinch of baking soda is added shortly before the fruit is sufficiently cooked. Mrs Finnie, Aberdeen.

Clean Fridge – Add a good teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda to the water when cleaning the inside of the fridge. This keeps it sweet. Mrs Lindsay, Manchester.

Big Haul Gets Ready

The Harbour Trust tugs will be entrusted with the tricky task of towing the Unicorn from the berth, which she has occupied in Earl Grey Dock for the past 89 years. Most favourable tide for the operation is likely to be between 12-14 October.

This was stated on Wednesday by Mr Alexander Smith, harbour engineer and manager, after a meeting between officials of the harbour and representatives of the Admiralty Works department in the Harbour Chamber.

Mr Smith said dredging of the mud around the Unicorn’s present berth will be started at the beginning of next week.