August 1962

It’s Derby Day at Dens

Dens ParkThe League Cup is on again today after a break on Wednesday. It’s a do-or-die day for both Dundee and United.

The rivals meet at Dens Park and the loser can forget about the cup for another season.In past years Dundee have had much better of the Dens Park arguments but that’s not to say United cannot rise to it today.

Both clubs have forward problems and this looks as if the defences will have the main say. Both can be good.

The Dark Blues have still the Tannadice defeat fresh in their mind and will be out to square the account. Let’s hope we get another thriller.

Bob Shankly and Jerry Kerr are both worried by injuries. Alan Gilzean may be back for the Dark Blues, and Kenny Cameron, reserve centre, leads the attack.

With luck Jimmy Briggs and Walter Carlyle may be back for United.

There are several players on the injured list, with Dennis Gillespie the most serious, he will not play.

The probable Dundee team is:- Slater, Hamilton, Cox, Seith, Ure, Wishart, Smith, Penman, Cameron, Cousin, Houston.

Bus Seasons for the Old Folk

Dundee Corporation are to reissue old age pensioners’ season tickets, which entitle them to concessionary bus fares.

This is the first review since the penny ticket was introduced in 1957. Each year since, permits have been renewed. Now 14,000 O.A.P.s have permits.

But every holder will have to reapply because the present pink permit will not be valid after August 19.

The reason for the reissue is to tighten up on the position. New application forms have been printed and those are available at old people’s homes and libraries.

To cope with every old age pensioner applying for a permit, the Marryat Hall will be taken over from Monday August 6, to Friday August 17, by members of the transport staff. The hall will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive, to enable people to collect forms, fill them in, and return them. Those obtained in advance should also be submitted during this period. In return a new buff-coloured permit will be handed over.

Old age pensioners are entitled to cheap travel only if they have no substantial income in addition to their pension and if they are permanently resident in Dundee.

Jobs Move for Dundee

Special conferences are to be held in Dundee and Fife in the autumn to highlight the case for more jobs and industrial aid being brought to this country. This was intimated by the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

The conferences are intended to stiffen resistance to the projected pit closures, especially where alternative employment for the displaced miners is not readily forthcoming.

The Government will be asked for “special consideration” for Scotland by encouraging firms to come north.

In addition to Dundee and Fife, conferences will be held in Aberdeen, Inverness, Lanarkshire, Dumfries and Ayrshire and will wind up with two large meeting in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Speakers will be drawn from local authorities and trade unions. Members of Parliament will be invited to attend as observers.

Palace Theatre Dundee

Twice Nightly
6.25, 8.30.
The Sensational
Johnny Victory Show
Resident Summer Show Cast
Complete change of programme each Friday.
Box Office open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Phone 23961/2.

Bertrams Mill Circus and Menagerie

Dundee Riverside Park
August 13 to 18.
Daily at 4.45 and 7.45 p.m.
Saturday at 2, 5 and 7.45 p.m.
Book now at Largs & Sons (Dundee), Ltd, 16-24, Whitehall Street, Dundee (20061) Also at box office at Circus Ground. (65626).
Both office open 10 to 8.

No Bus Ban on Smoking

Non-smoker Treasurer Peter Doig thinks it’s daft having Clean Air legislation when the atmosphere on the top deck of buses is like a fog.

He suggested to Dundee Transport Committee that many people went downstairs on buses because they could not suffer the smoke annoyance upstairs.

The result was the frail and elderly people unable to get upstairs, couldn’t get on many buses and often had to wait in the cold and rain.

Smoker Bailie John Stewart backed up the Treasurer. He thought that smoking should be banned in places of public entertainment as well.

The proposed smoking ban was defeated by nine votes to four.

The “L” Sign for Mission Hall

The former mission hall at 71, King Street, Broughty Ferry, will be the new “home” of Ministry of Transport driving test examiners.

A special committee of Dundee Corporation has approved the use for a limited period of three years. The Broughty office will be the main testing centre for the whole of Dundee.

Dundee Repertory Theatre

Nicoll Street, Dundee
Until Saturday,
August 11.
‘Hedda Gabler’
By Henrik Ibsen
In a new translation by
Michael Meyer.
Nightly at 7.30 p.m.
One Matinee 4.30 p.m.
Saturday, August 11.

Box Office Phone Dundee 23530.


Service with a minimum of waiting at
J.K. Duirs
The Gents Hairdresser.
25 Bank Street
Closed all day Wednesday.

Bright Tips 1962

Camping Warmth – Slip a large sheet of plastic material between two warm blankets for extra warmth on chilly nights. Miss Macdonald, Wick.

New Paint Brushes – Soak new paint brushes overnight in cold water. This makes the wood swell and the bristles are held firmly in position. L Scheftsik, Bradford.