Bygone News - Seren Kirkland en Step Row <p><span class='wysiwyg_imageupload image imgupl_floating_right imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border'><a href="" rel="lightbox[wysiwyg_imageupload_inline]" title=""><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache wysiwyg_imageupload imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border imagecache imagecache-medium" style="" width="230" height="165" /></a> <span class='image_meta'></span></span>I remember my first impressions being of Step Row just off the Perth Road. My grandfather, James Kirkland was a coal merchant and everybody knew everybody. I remember especially the lovely summer days, an ice cream cone with raspberry on top from Tony's on the Perth Road. Happy days when bairns played on the street making their own fun and life was plain and simple. I have since moved to New York and have lived in many very fine places but my heart will always hold a place for all the special ordinary people and memories of Step Row.</p> Perth Road Step Row Food and Drink Neighbours Playing / Games Seren Kirkland West End Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:38:15 +0000 lynne.davidson 731 at