Bygone News - Maureen M en Belmont Camp <div class="content clear-block"> <p><span class='wysiwyg_imageupload image imgupl_floating_right imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border'><a href="" rel="lightbox[wysiwyg_imageupload_inline]" title=""><img src="" alt="" title="" class="imagecache wysiwyg_imageupload imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border imagecache imagecache-medium" style="" width="230" height="165" /></a> <span class='image_meta'></span></span>At holiday times we would go on day trips with our parents on a train to Arbroath or Edinburgh. Sometimes we would go on the Fifies to visit our cousins in Tayport. We would spend all day there and come back on the last Fifie at night.<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/belmont-camp"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> </div> Dancing / Dance Halls Fifies (Tay Ferries) Food and Drink Games Holidays/Day Trips Picnics / Outings Maureen M Wed, 16 Mar 2011 15:46:24 +0000 lynne.davidson 712 at