Bygone News - 1950's en 1950's Monday Washdays <p>I was born in Liverpool but was sent to live with my grandparents in Dundee (Gardner Street, opposite the allotments.) when I was 4 years old. I went to Ancrum Road School in 1950/1951, for about the next 5 years. Their ground floor flat had a huge bedroom at the front, and another smaller one. There was a press and a toilet off the hallway and then at the back, overlooking the 'greenie' was the living room/ dining room with their bed in a large recess! There was a coal fire with a large over mantle and a coal bunker in the window bay.<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/1950s-monday-washdays"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> Ancrum Road 1950's Childhood Family Pletties Blues an Fri, 18 Sep 2015 10:56:07 +0000 lynne.davidson 1337 at Hungry Chicken <p>I was born in Maryfield&nbsp; Hospital in 1950 and lived&nbsp; in Buchanan Street until&nbsp;we got moved to Douglas in 1953. I went to St Vincent school until age 7 when&nbsp;a new school St Pius was built opposite my house&nbsp; in Balmerino Road. I used&nbsp;to love going to the baths on Saturday morning one week and the Gaumont on&nbsp;another,&nbsp;I used to love going through the Arcade under the&nbsp; Caird Hall and see the&nbsp;roast chicken turning on the spit. It made me feel really hungry.</p> Balmerino Road 1950's Buildings/Structures Childhood Entertainment School Days Dave Carlin City Centre Douglas Fri, 14 Aug 2015 11:10:50 +0000 lynne.davidson 1333 at Happy and Sad Memories of Dundee <p>I first lived at 21 Kinloch Street at the foot of the Law Hill. An old tenement with 1 bedroom and kitchen/front room. The coalman used to come in and dump the bag of coal in the space under the wooden draining board. We moved to Findcastle Street in 1953 and we thought it was great, a new house and a garden. I went to St. Vincent's infants and primary school. It was a long walk to school. Then on to St. Michael's in Graham Street, we got a penny transfer for 2 buses. Used to go the Marryat (near Caird Hall) and the Palais to see all the bands.<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/happy-and-sad-memories-dundee"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> Hilltown Kinloch Street 1950's Bands / Groups Childhood Family Playing / Games Monica Cooper (now Ward) Fintry Hilltown Kingsway Law Hill Stobswell Mon, 29 Jun 2015 09:09:09 +0000 lynne.davidson 1327 at Dundee Childhood in 50s <p>I was born in the Overgate in 1957, from there we moved to Shepherds Loan. My first school was Hawkhill. We moved again to Macalpine Road then to Kincardine Street, our next move was to St. Fillans Road. When I was 12 we moved to Wallsend Newcastle.</p> Hawkhill 1950's Childhood Housing School Days Margaret Wright nee Symons Hawkhill Wed, 24 Jun 2015 08:34:58 +0000 lynne.davidson 1325 at Watson and Philip <p>Spending a most enjoyable and comfortable evening in Queen's Hotel on Friday 15th November 2013 with former employees of Watson and Philip (Food Importers, Dundee) I only recognised one person there - ME - my reflection in the cloakroom mirror. Years have rolled. After all 1951-1953 were the years I was in the firm's employment. It was my second job after leaving Rockwell High School at the age of fourteen-and-a-half.<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/watson-and-philip"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> 1950's Work / Working Life Anna MacDonald Murraygate Wed, 11 Dec 2013 16:26:56 +0000 lynne.davidson 1149 at Mains School Memories <p><span class='wysiwyg_imageupload image imgupl_floating_right imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border'><a href="" rel="lightbox[wysiwyg_imageupload_inline]" title="Kirkton "><img src="" alt="" title="Kirkton " class="imagecache wysiwyg_imageupload imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border imagecache imagecache-medium" style="" width="230" height="165" /></a> <span class='image_meta'></span></span>I was school boy at the old Mains School on Claverhouse Road situated at the bottom of the old Mains Loan. I started attending Mains School in 1947 and left in 1954 to go to Stobswell Boys Secondary.<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/mains-school-memories"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> Mains Loan 1950's Childhood School Days Tom Cunningham Kirkton / Trottick Thu, 26 Sep 2013 15:10:34 +0000 lynne.davidson 1097 at Housies <p><span class='wysiwyg_imageupload image imgupl_floating_right imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border'><a href="" rel="lightbox[wysiwyg_imageupload_inline]" title="Arbroath Road"><img src="" alt="" title="Arbroath Road" class="imagecache wysiwyg_imageupload imgupl_styles_spacing_20_black_border\n\rBlack Border imagecache imagecache-medium" style="" width="230" height="165" /></a> <span class='image_meta'><span class='image_title'>Arbroath Road</span></span></span>As a little girl I lived in Morgan Street. I would play in the Ritz Picture House doorway with my doll Maureen at (housies). Also Cardean Street with a ball in old stockings “under leggy” or throw the ball jump over it saying boys or girls names in the alphabet. Doll in pram walk to Baxter’s Park. Sit on steps in front of pavilion with Maureen (housies) again. Great imagination! Not like today kids all computers and phone games.</p> 1950's Childhood Games Parks Playing / Games Eileen Hay (nee Raitt) Baxter Park Stobswell Tue, 11 Sep 2012 08:42:57 +0000 lynne.davidson 995 at Smell of Jute <p>I lived in Shepherds Loan in the early fifties in a tenement right next to Thomson and Shepherds, at the end of the day the bummer would sound and men and women would stream up the road on their way home, the jute fibres filled the air and the smell of jute hung heavy all around us. I loved Lizzie Smiths shop at the top of the road and would spend all of my one and sixpence pocket money there.</p> Shepherd's Loan 1950's Childhood Shopping Work / Working Life Fran Giblin West End Tue, 08 May 2012 15:32:51 +0000 lynne.davidson 944 at Happy Days <p>I was born in DRI in 1950. We lived in Hunter Street till I was 7 then we moved to fintry we felt as if we had won the&nbsp; pools, the house in Fingarth Street seemed like Buckingham Palace after the&nbsp;two rooms of Hunter Street.&nbsp;</p> <p>Baxter Park concerts, rolling our easter egg at Den of Mains playing in the fields which are now where Whitfield stands, playing outdoors from morning till night, then coming in for tea they are just some of the memories from my childhood which I remember fondly.&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="read-more"><a href="/reminiscences/happy-days-0"><strong>&nbsp;Read more......</strong></a></span></p> Fingarth Street Hunter Street Perth Road 1950's Childhood Dancing / Dance Halls Entertainment Lindylou Fintry Mon, 02 Apr 2012 13:23:15 +0000 lynne.davidson 934 at Mid Street Memories <p>My Grandfather lived in 20 Mid Street, my Welsh father was docked in Dundee during the 2nd world war where he met my mother. We have very happy childhood memories of Dundee in the 50- 60s, sad to see the photos of Mid St knocked<br />down where a family lived with so much pride.</p> Mid Street 1950's Childhood Linda K Hilltown Thu, 29 Mar 2012 11:07:17 +0000 lynne.davidson 932 at