Dens Road Market (1980’s)

An Aladdin’s cave it seemed tae be
In the early 80’s – for you an’ me!

Bargain-huntin’ hopin’ tae find
Perhaps an unusual “Vassart” (signed)

Or Clarice Cliff – Moorcroft – Weymss Ware
Among the junk depositied there

For many stall-holders a family affair
Workin’ the’ gather selling their ware

Some selt second-hand claes
That’d mair’n often seem better days!
An’ if the ‘student-look’ was in the mind
It was nae ower hard tae find
Odd apparel has an academic ring
An’ youth (ye ken) must hae it’s fling

Gold watches for sale
Diamond rings
Costume jewellery
And religious things

Laundered lace and linen on a corner stall
Brightened up the market hall

Stall with rusty tools – musty books
Fishing rods an’ fishing hooks

Dens Road Market day oot
Meant umpteen hours rummagin’ aboot.

Submitted by Anna MacDonald