The Days O’ The Nine-ees

Gie me the days o’ the Nine-ees
Frae Lochee at brak’ o’ day
Stridin’ the length o’ Riverside
Takin’ sicht o’ Gowrie Bay
Steppin’ oot in Sunday best
Reachin’ oor destination
Doon the steps o’ the railway brig
Withoot hint o’ hesitation

Bile-up cans, pots an’ pans
Rattlin’ on oor backs
Sets o’ auld claes – tichtly packed
In canvas haversacks
Chasin’ a crannie tae change in
In the rocks alang the shore
Syne, gaitherin’ driftwood for kindlin’
For a biley-up at four

Seekin’ aen o’the nine wells
Fillin’ fully tae the brim
An auld kailpot frae the kitchen
Needin’ a’ oor strength o’ limb
Doon tae the river tae hae a dook
Carryin’ fishin’ line
‘Twas a race tae see wha’d catch a fluke
‘Afore fitba’ kickin’ time

Waitin’ till the tide ebbed
We’d merch tae the banks o’ sand
Prominent in the River Tay
Fitba’ ‘tub’ IN HAND
Enjoyed a guid auld game, or twa
Keepin’ an e’e on the floodin’ tide
‘Fore settin’ back tae shore again
Wi’ smiles a mile wide

Crackin’ roon’ a cracklin’ fire
As the sun settled doon
Boab raised a moothie tae his lips
An’ gaed us a’ a tune

Gazin’ oot ower Gowrie Bay
A tear cam’ tae my e’e
For Nine-ees o’ my younger days
Is nae langer there tae see

Noo it’s Sunday trips tae coupin’ skips
Whaur’s oor heritage?
Riverside development
Brings headaches with each stage

Concrete building for leisure
Are all the rage for play
But open space and fresh air
Were the pleasures of my day

Submitted by Anna MacDonald