“Highland” at the Arbroath Highland Show - July 1987

Victoria Park – The Angus Show
Marvellous weather – off we go!
Horses – sheep – cattle calls
Competitions – colourful stalls

“Guess the weight of the bull today!”
But he wasn’t in sight – he’d run away!

£10 prize for the lucky winner
But by the time he was caught
Was he several kilos thinner?

Early in the morning he’d broken loose
No one ready with a noose

Red Alert was the call today
Constable Shepherd made his way
Crook in hand – eager to go
Chasing the bull around the show

The “Highlander” enjoyed a royal day
King’s Promenade his reagl way
Cattle drovers – and the vet
Hadn’t caught the wanderer yet

“KEEP CLEAR” was the anxious call
To each spectator
“We’re bound to catch him
Sooner or later”

The vet aimed two well-aimed darts
But tranquillisers take time to ‘start’
And the wonderful 2-bull score
Failed to make the runaway roar

“He’s off now – down Seagate
Hold on – we’ll have to wait!
For heaven’s sake – he’s on the shore
Paddling his hooves on the ocean floor”

What degradation for our chum
A horse-box to carry him home
It’s a pity we had to watch him go
He’ll be disappointed to have missed the show!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald